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Gift cards  are a smart way to attract new customers and encourage repeat business. A gift card program builds your brand, increases revenue, reduces cash refunds, and welcomes new customers through your door. Unlike paper gift certificates that are often cumbersome to deal with and vulnerable to fraud, a plastic gift card is a durable, re loadable advertisement for your business.

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Nearly 60% of consumers asked for gift cards over the 2012 holiday season.

Some processors charge high processing fees each time your customers use their cards—eroding your profits. Heartland offers a low-cost, monthly gift card subscription program that doesn’t hit you with annoying per-swipe fees. It’s easy to implement and manage. And it provides greater security than paper gift certificates.

Choose from a wide variety of vivid colors and attractive card designs—and even add your company logo or create a completely custom design unique to your brand.  Then set up a marketing display to show off your gift cards.

Enjoy the many benefits of our Gift Card program:
·       No per-swipe usage fees
·       Easy-to-process transactions for your staff—as simple as a credit card
·       Prevents fraudulent gift card activity
·       Popular with customers—especially for birthdays and holidays
·       Promotes customer spending and enhances your revenues.

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